On January 20, 2016, the Filip Government was created overnight, following an alleged deal with deputies of different parties. People have opposed through protests. They even tried to assault the Parliament. PL leader Mihai Ghimpu received a few punches from protesters because he voted for the Filip Government.

A month earlier, in mid-December 2015, former President Nicolae Timofti called on foreign ambassadors to denounce pressure on himself and his family from „interested political forces and oligarchic structures who want to influence the presidential institution, and increase the influence on other state institutions „. The ambassadors declared they were shocked. Timofti was pressured to appoint Plahotniuc prime minister. One of his sons was in danger. He resisted and was acclaimed in the street for this. On the last day of his term – exactly the last day – he gave up and apologized to Plahotniuc in an interview for the newspaper „Timpul”.

As it seems, Plahotniuc likes when those who blame him fall on their knees and humiliate themselves, begging for mercy. Timofti could apologize the next day, but no – Plahotniuc wanted to see him humiliating himself while still a president. And he saw him do just that: „I made that statement while under the influence of emotions. Later we had proof that the information we had was not true, I was misled by someone very close, for reasons that I do not want to expose publicly. I also told Plahotniuc that I was not right then and that politics is politics, „Timofti apologized. And he was forgiven, and Plahotniuc’s godson, Andrian Candu, together with Sergiu Sirbu, Stefan Creangă and Igor Vremea, signed a legislative initiative that ensured Timofti with a car, an office and a personal assistant for another four years: „For the sake of an efficient collaboration with a former president, the experience of which must not be neglected, some changes are proposed regarding the transport, office and personal assistant „, explained the four deputies. The initiative was voted on a Thursday, December 8, 2016.

In 2013, the PLDM leader Vlad Filat was sorry and apologized to Plahotniuc because he had called him a „killer” (in the context of the scandal related to the hunting in “Padurea Domneasca”, during which a man died). „I was wrong! I admit that, in politics, you often get into a situation in which you focus some problems on one single person”, Vlad Filat said in an interview published by the Moldpres state agency on April 22, 2013. The statement came in the context of an agreement that had been reached by the two (Filat and Plahotniuc), and Vlad Filat expected to be approved by the oligarch for the function of prime minister for the third time. Now Filat is in jail.

Let’s get back to the creation of Filip Government in January 2016. Romania first welcomed this Government, which violated the legislative procedure, while people still protested in front of President Timofti’s residence. Then Timofti’s spokesman, Vlad Ţurcanu, announced his resignation, because he had lied to journalists that no oath ceremony had been planned, though in the morning we all found out that the procedure had taken place in the middle of the night.


On January 21, 2016, the EU also welcomed the creation of the Filip Government, through the European Commissioner for Neighborhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations Johannes Hahn. „The EU should support any government that is ready to undertake the necessary reforms,” ​​Hahn said in a debate in the European Parliament on the implementation of the Association Agreements the EU had signed with Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia.

This way, the EU has legitimated the Government, which was, de facto, controlled by the man without any public function, Vlad Plahotniuc. And from that moment on, the capture of the state institutions has begun. Theoretically, Brussels chose „the smallest evil” – there was a risk that, as a result of early parliamentary elections, the pro-Russian forces would win. Europe’s fear of „Russian tanks” has said its word. They got drunk with the „stability” promised by Plahotniuc and accepted the false pro-European rhetoric of the PD, despite the warnings of the civil society.

Based on the trust EU had in them, the Democrats have changed their strategy for a long term – the political fraction started to migrate from center-right to right-wing. Dodon was celebrating. In parallel, Plahotniuc expanded his octopus. State institutions started being captured one by one.

However, on August 24, 2016, Romania is delivering the first installment of 60 million euros to the Government in Chisinau from the repayable financial aid of 150 million promised in 2015. Many voices in the civil society and opposition from the Republic Moldova were asking Romania not to send money to Moldova, because they were about to be stolen. Romania has conditioned the money allocation, but was finally pleased with the formal fulfillment of the conditions by the government in Chisinau.

On December 8, 2016, the journalists learned that the general prosecutor had been appointed without a warning – also  by Nicolae Timofti. Timofti appointed the same general prosecutor who until then held the interim – Eduard Harunjen, whom the media suspected of ties with the oligarchic governance.

Next came the controversial initiatives on „legalization of capital and tax amnesty”, „granting citizenship through investment” – projects aimed at legalizing stolen money from the banking system … In parallel, in September 2016, the billion dollars stolen from Moldovan banks were transformed into public debt, obliging the citizens to pay for it. And to make sure they will not get to jail as a result of power changing through elections, they voted, together with the socialists and Leanca’s popular-Europeans, contrary to the recommendations of the Venice Commission, the transition to the mixed electoral system – a system that will allow them to propel, with money, “local barons” in the future Parliament.

The EU has criticized the decisions of the regime, understanding that the justice reform had been mimicked, not implemented, that the investigation of billion dollars theft is fake and decided, last year, to stop financing projects in the justice field. It was too late, however, for such gentle „punishments.” The Plahotniuc regime had grown too strong to be hit by the EU’s „huff”. Propagandistically, the media trust controlled by the regime can easily annihilate the effect of such subtle reactions of foreign partners. Therefore, the Democrats continued to wave the EU flag and, under him, to build their dictatorial empire.

Invalidation of the local elections in Chisinau was the last argument for the EU that Moldova entered into dictatorship and that Plahotniuc does here everything he wants. So it decided to put an end to the false relationship with the government in Chisinau and to delegitimize Plahotniuc’s regime, voting, on Thursday, in the European Parliament, the resolution to suspend the financial assistance. Is it too late? Maybe not yet.

PDM finds itself now in an ingrained situation – it has fallen into its own trap. The way the PDM leaders reacted yesterday, but also the Party’s official reaction shows that the Democrats are opposing the EU. Their annoyance is visible. One can feel here a subtle blackmail: „So you don’t want support us? You won’t give us any more money? OK, we’re going to spend some money from what we’ve stolen, but we’re going to turn the foreign policy vector towards Russia, along with Dodon.

But the left is already occupied by Dodon’s socialists whom the PD has kept under its umbrella, in case there would be a post-election parliamentary political mix. Being deprived of the right to walk under the EU flags, the Democrats are left to let themselves be absorbed by the PSRM. Here is the theoretical end of the “octopus”.

Another solution would be to continue to dictate only by draconian methods. This would involve criminal acts that the EU and the US could not be able to close their eyes on. How would the people react? It’s hard to guess.

Article 2 (2) of the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova: „No individual, no group of people, no social group, no political party or other public entity can exercise state power in its own name. Usurpation of state power is the most serious crime against the people. ”




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