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The National Resistance Movement ACUM, which the leaders of the opposition Platform DA, PAS and PLDM are members of, has organized on Thursday, October 4, a manifestation in front of the Parliament building in Chisinau. The protesters have requested the investigation of the billion dollars theft, the publishing of the Kroll Report II and the voting of the Magnitki Act

The Vice President of the Platform DA, Alexandru Slusari, said that it’s been 4 years since the banking fraud, but the authorities have not yet succeeded in returning even a penny from the billion dollars that has been stolen. There now exists the danger that this money could be legalized, since the tax amnesty law was adopted recently.

„Plahotniuc’s puppets – Candu and Filip – say that 90% of the money were stolen by „honest people”, that 90% of the money have already been identified. It seems that the other 10% are already being spent for Sor, for the corrupting of the voters and for the maintenance of their controlled media. It is very important not to forget about this crime that happened in 2014.”

„4 years have passed since then, and nothing has been done. This is a proof that the ones who were then in power and the ones that are now “looking for the money” are the same persons. If we don’t change this government now, those money are now going to be legalized”, Slusari stated.

The Platform DA leader, Andrei Nastase, said it is inadmissible that Republic of Moldova is transformed into „a province  or a pashalic”. People are being robbed, and their money is used by the Democratic Party leader, Vladimir Plahotniuc, for the PR campaign in the future parliamentary elections.

„Last night, this public institution has been surrounded with a second fence. As if the fence surrounding it until now wasn’t enough! One day, they’re going to transform the building of the Presidency in a stockyard, because of the two criminals – Dodon and Plahotniuc. You can clearly see how the Republic of Moldova is being transformed into a province, a pashalic. This is unacceptable. And it is the responsibility of each of us not to let them do this. These criminals are capable of sacrificing human lives. They have sent innocent people to prison. This government is completely neglecting the freedom of speech and information”, Nastase said.

Andrei Nastase also addressed the journalists who work for the Democratic Party holding: „Look at what happened to the journalists of TV10. One day will come when you will also be fired, because the mafia has no red line, it goes beyond any boundaries for the sake of maintaining the power”.

The Platform DA leader also addressed the citizens, saying that “we cannot let criminals govern this country anymore”.

“It is our duty to stay united and to oppose this chaos. We cannot let these criminals govern anymore. The moment will come when they will pay for all the billions they stole from the people, for transforming Moldova into a money laundering machine for the Russian mafia, for this social genocide of over half a million people that have set the fundament of this state and now suffer from poverty and misery. This government is lying that it makes our lives better, is lying that it makes roads – when they are actually being made with the money they have stolen from the people. Plahotniuc is using these fake statements to promote himself before the parliamentary elections”, the Platform DA leader, Andrei Nastase said.

The protesters have marched towards the Government and the Parliament buildings, were they manifested against the illegal activities of the government People brought placard that read “Down with the Mafia!” And “Bring back the billions”!



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