Vitalie Călugăreanu// The Mafia, the Hangmen and Those In-Between

The night came over the hunted village, and the mafia came out of its lair… Those who play the Mafia game will understand the metaphor. Sending Gurin to the Constitutional Court was a move that shocked all of us. The first news about it seemed to me like fake news. Indeed, how could one believe it? It was done without any contest, at least a fake one, without including the subject on the daily agenda… Gurin will take Igor Dolea’s place at the Constitutional Court after Dolea has announced that he is leaving his post on Monday, December 10. On Tuesday, December 11, Gurin has already been assigned (I repeat – without any contest) by the Superior Magistrate Council to occupy the function, and this is happening while the post of judge at the Constitutional Court has been vacant for 9 months, after Victoria Iftodi became minister of Justice. So why such a hurry to promote Gurin? Even he was surprises by the news.

Yesterday, a lot of people recalled some details about Gurin. Some people recalled how he used to use public transport, in 2010, always wearing “the same old suit”. Then, after becoming the vice-president of the Democratic Action Party (PAD), he bought his first car, a Volkswagen Sharan. I met Gurin for the second and last time in 2014, at the General Prosecutor’s Office, after the plunder of Banca de Economii

Then, Gurin was telling me that the money form BEM had been sent to off-shore zones and he was getting indignant by the fact that the bank owner, namely the state, was not complaining to the prosecutors that its block of shares at the BEM had been stolen.

Other people recalled how, in December 2016, Gurin was “crowned as king” at a ball organized by a sports club in Chisinau, receiving a night for two in the presidential room at the Nobil hotel and a ride with a Jaguar. A prosecutor, who asked to remain anonym, wrote me, in private about how Gurin read, in the Parliament, in October 2015, the decision to end Vlad Filat’s immunity and about Shor’s self-report (and not only against Filat). After reading that message, I couldn’t eat two days in a row.

The Superior Magistrature Council had sent, to the Constitutional Court, an ex-general prosecutor who, in May 2015, was stating at the tribune, in the Parliament, that Banca de Economii had been robbed ruthlessly, but without explaining why no one intervened in the robbery. Gurin has been the head of the General Prosecutor’s Office during the period of the banking system robbery, and he resigned on February 26 2016. Now, he thinks that, by naming him judge of the Constitutional Court, he is being given credit for his achievements in the judicial sector.

The regime does not abandon its “soldiers”. Sometimes, it gives them a vacation, in order to make them forget about their “achievements”. Later, it reactivates them, because they are tested people, who have confirmed their loyalty in “hard times” – for the regime.

It is sufficient to watch how the persons who were in charge of the hostilities in April 2009 have been washed away of their sins by “justice” and how they were promoted to higher posts. It is sufficient to analyze to whom are serving today those who were then chiefs of the police, SIS (Information and Security Service) and Prosecutor’s Office, and in which way the careers and wealth of the “judges from hell” have evolved…

This time, the regime bets on the parliamentary elections. The result must look exactly as the commander in chief has planned it. And since surveys show that, if the elections will take place correctly and freely, the end will come on February 25, the regime is creating, on different stages, possibilities to mutilate the results, through administrative methods.

To make sure that the entire machinery will work perfectly, it is replacing the doubtful pieces with the ones which have been tested in time.

This is the reason why, suddenly, there are judges who want to resign “on their own free will”, and why the posts at the Constitutional Court are occupied by other individuals in less than 24 hours.

This scheme was tested by canceling the local elections in Chisinau that have been won by Andrei Nastase. In the case of the parliamentary elections, the scheme will have to work in every district, depending on the results. I will write another article about the metamorphoses that are taking place on the local levels and on the level of the central regulatory institutions, which are linked to the electoral process.

The fact is that this regime doesn’t have any boundaries. The power of the protests does not frighten it anymore, the severity of Bruxelles does not bother it anymore…

Controlling the mass media market, it can fill any shocking revealing of investigation journalists with lies and populism. Controlling the Government, it has protection – the police and the army, it has influence and money.

What it does not have is the popular vote. It is a regime that is hated for its corruption, and this thing frightens it, just like an animal.

Thus, it depends on the people whether this regime will succeed or not in disguising its fraud and post-electoral juggling by implicating the judicial courts.

Armenians have proved that a living people cannot be kneeled down.



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