The bridge between Rezina and Rîbnița is lighted for the first time since 1993; Project supported by the EU

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The bridge over the Nistru river, between the cities of Rezina and Rîbnița, is now lighted for the first time since 1993. Due to the help of the European Union, 12 new columns and 70 bulbs have been installed. The lighting system was launched on the 13 of January 2020, as the citizens were singing carols to mark the end of winter holidays.

The bridge has space for cars, but also for sidewalks, so pedestrians can benefit from that. Thus, 60 000 people from all the region will be able to walk safely, due to the lighting system all over the bridge.

„The European Union is delighted to support the lighting of this bridge. Beyond the powerful symbol it has for the EU plan „Ways to promote Trust” the most important part is that people will be able to cross the bridge safely. For the EU this means building trust through words and acts”, declared the EU Ambassador in the Republic of Moldova, Peter Michalko.

„Probably the most essential part is the powerful way to promote trust, when thinking about public lighting. It confrunts the community issues and creates a stronger environment for cooperation in the Nistru area”, said Dima Al-Khatib, the face of PNUD in Moldova.

„Now is perfect to walk here, even in the night”, said a worker from Rezina, employee at a factory in Rîbnița.

Therefore, in 2019 has been installed the lighting system with a power of 68 watts and with a five times smaller consumption then the usual bulbs. They have a lifetime guaranty of 100 000 hours (about 25 years, if using 11 hours per day).

The total amount of the investment is over 49 000 euro, from wich almost 34 000 is an EU contribution, and 15 000 euro – local contribution.

The project of illumination included photometric attempts as well, due to which dark spots will be excluded.

The lighting of the bridge over Nistru river, between the cities of Rezina and Rîbnița, is one of the 14 infrastructure projects selected and realized through the UE program „Ways to promote Trust”, implemented by UNDP in 2019-2021.

In the previous steps of the Program, in Rîbnița was renovated and equipped a section of a maternity hospital, and also a section of the district and infectious diseases hospital from Rezina. Furthermore, the chess schools from Rezina and Rîbnița were repaired.

The EU „Ways to promote Trust”, implemented by UNDP, helps people that live on the both sides of Nistru river, to trust each other, through their involvement in different development projects.



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